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Our 2016 exhibition 'Wartime Advances, Peacetime Applications' will open on Saturday 7 May and continue until the end of September on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 11.00 am to 4 pm.

Our special features this year are the 'Y' Service stations of Beaumanor and Forest Moor and the decryption at Bletchley Park. We are also continuing our commemorations of the First World War by marking Verdun, the Somme and Jutland.

We still need volunteers to staff the Exhibition. A minimum of 3 people in the exhibition hall and 1 in the tearoom are required each day. There is a range of tasks, and technical knowledge, while obviously very useful, is not a necessity. Just being there for security and safety and greeting the public is just as important. Now that we do not charge admission, we rely on the tearoom to generate some income, so we need someone there, as well as in the exhibition area. If you can also bake, that would be really useful!

If you would like to volunteer, please contact us using this link.

Poppies: The Weeping Window, St Magnus Cathedral, Orkney

This is from the installation Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red by Paul Cummins and Tom Piper.

The installation was originally at the Tower of London in 2014 where 888,246 poppies were displayed, one to honour every death in the British and colonial forces of the First World War.

You may be aware that St Magnus Cathedral in Orkney is the first venue in Scotland to host this display which will remain in place until 12 June to mark the centenary of the Battle of Jutland.  Prince Philip with Princess Anne and her husband will take part in the official centenary service on 31 May and Anne is returning on 5th June for another service at Marwick Head in Birsay to mark the centenary of the loss of HMS Hampshire with Lord Kitchener on 5 June 1916.

It is a lovely display in a superb setting.  The support scaffolding has been painted to match the red sandstone of the cathedral wall.  They have used one of the small windows high on the west gable from which the poppies cascade down and spread out northwards towards the cemetery gate over quite a large area.  









Evening Lectures:

Tuesday 17 May at 7.30 pm prompt
The Work of North Queensferry Heritage Trust
James Lawson

Tuesday 21 June at 7.30 pm prompt
The Women Delivery Pilots of WW2
Roy Johnstone

Tuesday 12 July
We are proposing to show the WW1 film about the Battle of the Somme. Details to follow.

Goudie Lectures are very popular and pre-booking is essential and as always, will be treated on a 'First come, first served' basis.

To book a seat, please e-mail Dorothy at or tel. 01506 823424. Admission: £4 (members) and £5 (non-members).

Some scenes from the 2015 Goudie Lectures:

 2015 went out with a bang thanks to Andy & Flora Munro and Dave Elliott, who, along with Tom, gave us a very entertaining portrayal of the life of James Clerk Maxwell!                                                                ********

Ken Horne congratulates David Brown after a most enlightening talk on the 'Y' Service during WW2

The AGM was a hit with all comersIan Archibald chats with Diana and Norman Richardson after his Burntisland's Heritage Lecture. (Diana is the daughter of John Logie Baird)

Ian Archibald, Convener of Burntisland Heritage Trust gave a lecture entitled Burntisland's Heritage, at the Museum on Tuesday 14 April 2015.

Burntisland was once poetically described as having its head to the hills and its feet to the sea. This is a fair description with the Firth of Forth lapping its shores and the Binn rising majestically above it to the north. It has always been a vital township situated directly across the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh. The Royal Burgh of Burntisland right up to the present day has a rich and varied history that is out of all proportion to its size. Ian's presentation looked closely at the story of the development of the town, the people and the many aspects of its diverse heritage.

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