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Evening Event in Glasgow:
Friday 30 September 2016
7.30 pm

We are repeating our Maxwell Lecture with Music at the University of Glasgow on Friday 30 September under the title 'Making Waves with James Clerk Maxwell'. James Clerk Maxwell’s discoveries about light and the electromagnetic spectrum paved the way for our modern technological society – from telecommunications to microwave dinners! Join Prof Tom Stevenson, Andy and Flora Munro and guests for a “light-hearted” musical journey through the life and legacy of “Scotland’s forgotten Einstein”.

The event is being held in the University of Glasgow Theatre G12, Gilmorehill, 9 University Avenue, Glasgow G12 8QQ. Entry is free, but it is necessary to Register - please follow this link.


Our 2016 exhibition 'Wartime Advances, Peacetime Applications' is running until the end of September on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 11 am to 4 pm. The last day will be Wednesday 28 September. The Exhibition will end with an evening lecture by Diana Maxwell - see opposite.

Special features this year include the 'Y' Service stations of Beaumanor and Forest Moor and the decryption at Bletchley Park. We are also commemorating the major battles and events of 1916:- Verdun, the Somme, Jutland and the sinking of HMS Hampshire, with the loss of Lord Kitchener.

We would welcome new Museum Guides for next year. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us using this link.

Poppies: Weeping Window

Poppies: Weeping Window has reached the end of its run at The Black Watch Castle and Museum in Perth. It is moving on to Caernarvon Castle, where it will be on show from 12 October until 20 November 2016. This is the first location for Wales this year.

Be Prepared!

When we were asked recently if we could host a group of about 30 scouts and their leaders from Edinburgh, we were delighted - but then started to worry how to hold the attention of these 10 - 14 year olds, with not a mobile phone or computer in sight! 

We solved the problem by rigging up a mock TV studio, involving the boys as interviewer, interviewee and controller. The whole group took turns on this and the 'programme' was relayed on the big screen upstairs, where the rest of the Troop took notes and prepared for their turn. The results were astonishing! We were amazed at the sophisticated knowledge, understanding and wit of these young people. Their comments included references to both current Scottish and American politics - perhaps areas too sensitive to be discussed here! 

Another group of Scouts was welcomed to the Museum on the evening of Thursday 26 May. 24 young people and their leaders from the 11th Fife (Burntisland) Scouts, who are working towards their Communicator Badge, came along to learn how communications technology has developed and advanced over the years. After a demonstration talk/slide show, they spent time discovering and trying out old methods of communication: from speaking tubes to semaphore flags and Morse keys.


Evening Lecture:
Wednesday 28 September 2016
7.30 pm, MoC, 131 High Street, Burntisland

The Admiralty Research Station at Hawkcraig Point, Aberdour, in World War I

Speaker: Diana Maxwell

We are delighted to announce this special lecture, given, as usual, to mark the annual visit to the MoC, of Lothians Radio Society (LRS). Colin Wright, LRS and MoC Board Member, will host the evening.

We say a hearty “Welcome Back” to Diana Maxwell, who this time, will regale us with stories from the WW1 Secret Scientific Experimental Base,  HMS Tarlair, ‘just up the road’ in Aberdour.

With the invention of the Hydrophone – a sophisticated underwater microphone - the Base became an important ‘listening post’, capable of detecting German U-boats in the Firth of Forth.

 All the top scientists and musicians of the day were involved. (Why musicians?  Many possessed ‘perfect /absolute pitch’ and could detect even the slightest nuances in sound levels...)

Diana’s talk is based on her book "Listen Up " (featured on BBC’s "Coast"), BBC’s “The Great War at Sea - Scotland's Story" and the recent BBC’s "Antique's Road Trip"

The Lecture follows our usual well-established format: people start to arrive about half an hour beforehand, have a coffee/chat and perhaps look round the exhibition and stores.

The Lecture starts at 7.30 prompt, ends with a short Q+A session and more light refreshments.

Our Lectures are becoming increasingly popular, seats are limited and an early reply is advisable!

Admission charge for the event is £4.00 for MoC members and £5.00 for non-members.

There is no charge for LRS members.

Please e-mail Dorothy Brankin (Event Organiser)  or phone 01506 823 424 to indicate whether or not you wish to attend.

Remember: This Lecture will take place on WEDNESDAY, not the usual TUESDAY!

Forthcoming Evening Lectures:

Our Lectures are becoming increasingly popular, seats are limited and pre-booking is essential. Bookings are allocated on a 'First come, first served' basis. To book a seat, please e-mail Dorothy at or tel. 01506 823424

They follow a well-established format: people start to arrive about half an hour beforehand, have a coffee/chat and perhaps look round the exhibition and stores. Lectures start at 7.30 prompt, end with a short Q+A session and more light refreshments.

Tuesday 18 October at 7.30 pm
The Herschel Family

David Gavine 

Admission: Members £4 (Non-Members £5)

Click here for our address, a map and directions.

David Brown congratulates Roy Johnstone on his fascinating talk featuring Women Delivery Pilots of WW2. This was the highly-acclaimed amateur historian's third visit - and he'll be back!

MSP Visit

At the end of March, we had a visit from Claire Baker MSP, Labour Regional Member for mid-Scotland & Fife. Claire, who lives locally, thoroughly enjoyed her visit! She was accompanied by Steve Scott of Museums Galleries Scotland.

L-R: Marion McLean (MoC Secretary); Prof. Tom Stevenson (MoC Chairman); Dorothy Brankin (MoC Event Organiser); Claire Baker MSP; Steve Scott (Museums Galleries Scotland); Andrew Starling (MoC Treasurer)